Celebrating the Unique Spirit of Generation X

  • Four Reasons for Gen Xers to Be Grateful

    From our work hard, play hard mentality to our roll-with-the-changes attitude, Gen Xers are the perfect blend of the old and the new.

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  • friends playing generationX trivia game from phone

    Download our Free GenX Trivia Game

    50 Trivia Cards About the Music, Television, and Movies From Our Most Memorable Years

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  • The Artists Who Ushered in MTV: Part 1

    Everyone knows MTV’s very first music video was the Buggles’Video Killed the Radio Star, but do you remember who was second?

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  • The Artists Who Ushered in MTV: Part 2

    MTV has morphed into a whole new format without music videos, but it should thank Generation X and these iconic bands for its initial success.

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